Setup your target customer database »

Once you have roughly created your model target customer profile it is time to setup your target customer database. Start to collect addresses, contact information and business data from potential customers which fit into your target customer profile. This post will give you some tips how to setup and update your target customer database.

Of course you can sit and wait until your potential target customers come to your door and impose an order to you. Read the full story

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Create your model target customer profile »

In a previous post I have been talking about the way how you can start to create your own personal profile of skills and knowledge. For me this inner view is the first step when you want to create a successful strategy for your small business. It all starts with the question what you can do and what you would like to do. So to speak it is the research for your resources and your personal position-fixing.

Once you have roughly created your personal competence profile it is time to have a look at who you can serve best with your personal skills and resources. That’s why the second step of building your small business strategy turns to the outer view, the creation of your model target customer profile. Read the full story

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6 basic ways of earning money with your small business »

Do you profit from all possible ways to earn money with your small business? When you are starting up a small business you probably have an idea which products or services you want to offer to your customers. Basically you should have.

Maybe you have already established your service or products and your small business earns you some money. Don’t you think it would be nice to create some more income from your business by adding further income streams? Read the full story

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Your small business strategy foundation: Your strengths! »

You want to be ahead of your competitors with your small business? You want to be number one in your business? You want to find a comfortable niche for your company? You agree to at least one of these questions? You can achieve all of this. But it will not happen on its own. In this blog post I will tell you how you can start to improve your small business with the right strategy development today. Read the full story

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How to organize your small business strategic planning »

In my first blog post I have promised to give you a concrete guideline how to create a razor-sharp strategic profile for your small business. But before I start with the first step of your strategic planning guide I want to give you a first tool tip that will support your strategy and project planning massively. Maybe you know and use it already, but to me it is relevant so that I want to addict a separate post to it. This simple and cheap tool has helped me a lot to create new projects and improve my business strategic planning and my working processes constantly. Though maybe it appears to be old fashioned in our digital age I would like to share it with you today. Read the full story

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